Claudette Boissoneault's LineageLineage of Aline Sabourin

October 3, in the year of our Lord 1785, and in the reign of our most illustrious and serene Monarch, Louis XVI, by the grace of God, after the publication of banns at three consecutive Sunday sermons, provisional right of marriage has been granted between Joseph Boissoneau, known as St. onge, son of Jean Boissoneau, known as St. Onge, and his deceased mother, Marie Josepthte Demeules (next two words illegible/ and or untranslateable) of this parish, and Marie Magdelaine Blouin, daughter of Charles Blouin and her deceased mother, Magdelaine Tremble, also of this parish, not having found any impediment, the undersigned cure' (parish priest) has granted the nuptial benediction in the presence of Jean Mission, Antoine Golombe, brother-in-law of the bride, Jean and Eitienne (Stephen) Boissoneau, cousins, and Charles Blouin, father of the bride, DeJeunesse Povin, Augustain Marceau, Charles Povin, and others who are friends of the bridal couple, and who were not required to sign the marriage register.

A.L. Pinet, cure

Interesting Note from the Translator that I thought I would leave in
*I have to admire the nerve of cure Pinet where he refers to his ruling sovereign as Louis XVI (of France) 40 years after Quebec was conquered by the British. Obviously, he didn't have any more use for King George III than we Americans did!