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I have reprinted here 2 articles from the "Sault Channels" volume 19, no. 4, December 2001 since so many of my relations were mentioned, Angus Bussineau, John Bussineau, Mac Bussineau, and Harry Bussineau. Please visit the Sault Ste. Marie & District Branch - Ontario Genealogical Society's website at:

Old Dunn's Valley School - I believe this is the photo of 1901 mentioned in the Sault Channels Article. This photo was in the archives of a cousin in Sault Ste Marie. All the names were written on the back of the photo.

Verbatim from the handwriting on the back of this photo:
Back row beginning at left: Dan Mitchell secretary treasurer, Rev. Henry Horricks, Bob Lundy trustee, and Miss Marie Currie (later Mrs. Os Wright)

2nd row from back: Gertie Broad, Victor Broad, Maggie Mitchell, Dick Martin, Annie Lundy, Rhoda Martin, Evaline Singleton and Dan Martin

3rd row from back: Ollie Mitchell, Minnie Martin, Mack Bussineau, Maggie Lundy, Tom Lundy, Bessie Cooper, Secord Singleton and Pearl Singleton

Front row: Willie Hermiston, Lex Cooper, Myrtle Mitchell, Bert Cooper, Jessie Cooper, Rob Lundy, Chao Hermuston, and Herb Singleton

5 boys at left: Angus Bussineau, Johnny Bussineau, Adam Kay, Will Lundy, George Singleton


Members of 1901 class at Dunn's Valley School

[Names taken from "Group of 1901 photo which accompanied the Following article.]
I am attempting to get the photo.

Pay is Skimpy but Officials Stay at Historic Dunn's Valley School
By George Singleton, Sault Star Correspondent

Dunn's Valley - Long term officials and slim pay 'cheque?' distinguished the Dunn's Valley Public School which opened in 1895.

Records show that Mrs. Mary 'Munroe?' teacher during 1897 was paid $215 for a full school year. Sealed even lower was janitor Abe Singleton Jr., who elected? $1 per month during the four months of winter.

Many officials served for terms of ten years or longer, with two holding their
positions for 30 years.

Plans for the school were in 1894. A log structure was erected for the following spring and classes opened the second Monday in August, 1895, with Annie Fagen of Little Rapids as teacher.

More than 30 attended the first year, some of them past the usual school age.

The present school was built in 1914 by Charles Hodskiss. Its first teacher was Edith Home, a granddaughter of pioneer Thomas Broad.

Serving only one year, A. B. Dunn, first secretary-treasurer, was followed by
Daniel Mitchell who remained for 19 years. The same pattern was then
repeated, with Angus Cooper's one year term followed by the 30 years in office turned in by George Singleton.

Abe Singleton Jr. was a trustee for 30 years, from 1915 to 1945. Next in years of service was 20 - year man Ross Lundy. Others who served about ten years were Robert Lundy, James Singleton, Abe Singleton Sr., William Foster Sr., Robert Henderson, Thomas Pace and Dan Martin.

The government grant in the late 1800's was $100 per year. Henry Singleton supplied wood at 85 cents per cord.

An assessor was paid $4.50 per year and a collector $10 if he completed the job. The large sum of $1 was paid for legal advice and the secretary-treasurer
was paid $4.50 per year.

Pupils who lost their lives in the First World War were George Bussineau, killed in action and Lex Cooper, lost at sea.

James Black was killed in action in the Second World War. John Bussineau won a Distinquished Conduct Medal in the First World War.

Another graduate, 'Henry?' Horricks entered the ministry as a Methodist and now resides in Alberta.

Harry Bussineau, fighting under the name "Jack McAuliffe?", was once a contender for the world's heavyweight boxing crown. His rise was stopped by a 1923 knockout by the hands of Louis Firpo, who later lost to Jack Dempsey in a title fight.

Pupils who became teachers were, Myrtle Mitchell, 'Cec?' Kinahan, Vera Pace, Mae Cooper and Ethel Cooper.

The Dunn's Valley school section is now part of a school area with Ophir, Poplar Dale and Mount Zion.

Submitted by Marg MacTavish SSM&D #87