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More Photos from the Bussineau Family

L to R: Angus Bussineau, Wayne Cohen, Myrtle Bussineau (John's wife),
Stella Cohen (Bussineau), Dave Cohen, Josie Bussineau

L to R: Joseph Bussineau, Mac Bussineau, Henry Bussineau, Angus Bussineau, ? unknown.
Front: Stella Bussineau and Josey Bussineau

L to R: Annie Griffith (married Doug Pratt, lived next door to John Joseph Bussineau),
Henry (or Harry) Bussineau, Stella Bussineau, Josey Bussineau, Ethel Bullock, Angus Bussineau,
Henry's trainer/manager Mark Shaunessy (front)


Myrtle Bussineau (John Joseph's wife), Tude (Mervin-Henry and Ruth's
youngest son) and Ruth Bussineau (Henry's wife)

Henry (Harry) Bussineau and Barb McIntyre
( a cousin, now Barbara Matle, husband Omar)