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Jack McAuliffe II (Henry Bussineau) 1921-1930
Fought out of Detroit, Michigan
HEIGHT : 6' 3"
WEIGHT : 201-205 lbs


Apr 18 Sergeant Norcross, Detroit, Mi
-This was McAuliffe's first Professional bout
KO 2
Apr 28 Jack Krazewski, Bay City, Mi
KO 5
May 24 Tim O'Neill, Saginaw, Mi
-The real "Tim O'Neill" said he did not fight McAuliffe
KO 8
Jul 2 Dummy Maxson, Detroit, Mi
KO 3


Jan 12 Frank Farmer, Tacoma, Wa
KO 4
Jan 28 Floyd Johnson, Tacoma, Wa
W 6
Feb 3 Battling Snyder, Oil City, Pa
W 10
May 8 Bull Reed, Detroit, Mi
KO 6


Jan 29 Hugh Walker, Detroit, Mi
KO 3
May 12 Luis Angel Firpo, New York, NY (Yankee Stadium). 87,000 in attendance.

Biggest fight of McAuliffe's career, the winner of this fight went on to a World Championship title bout with Jack Dempsey. Unfortuanately, it was Luis Firpo, who became the only man to ever knock Dempsey out of the ring. Dempsey went on to KO Firpo.
LK 3
Jun 4 Martin O'Grady, Detroit, Mi
TK 5
Jul 12 Floyd Johnson, Jersey City, NJ
LK 1
Oct 4 Bartley Madden, New York, NY (Long Island) -This bout was held at the "Queensboro Stadium";
It was not held on 10/14/23
L 12
Dec 7 Joe White, New York, NY
-McAuliffe had White on verge of knockout in
3rd, 6th, 9th and 10th rounds; McAuliffe knocked
White through the ropes in the 10th round
W 10


Jan 12 Jack Erntink, Yonkers, NY SCH
-This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
Jan 18 "Tiny" Jim Herman, New York, NY (MSG)
D 6
Apr 10 Joe Stoessel, Yonkers, NY
-Weights: 201-220
D 10
Apr 30 Homer Smith, Hazleton, Pa
NC 8
Jun 5 Leo Gates, Yonkers, NY (Columbus SC)
W 12
Jun 16 "Young" Bob Fitzsimmons, Newark, NJ ND-
-This bout was not held 6/06/24
L 12
Jun 23 Jack Townsend, New York, NY (Long Island) -This bout was held at the "Bralls Arena"
W 10
Sep 17 Frank Mitchell, San Francisco, Ca (National Hall)
KO 2


Mar Tom Sayers, Detroit, Mi
L 10
Apr 30 Tom Sayers, Detroit, Mi
W 10
Oct 14 George LaRocco, New York, NY
L 10
Nov 29 Emmett Rocco, Youngstown, Oh
-The verdict was not "L 12"
W 12


Apr 17 Battling Levinsky, St. Louis, Mo
ND-W 10
May 1 Pierre Charles, St. Louis, Mo
-Some sources report "LT 6";
Some sources report 4/01/28
L 10
Jul 30 Ed "Tiny" Roebuck, Tulsa, Ok
LT 9
Dec 13 Les Marriner, Chicago, Il
-The verdict was not "LK 6"
LK 4


Mar 15 Dave Knost, St. Louis, Mo
L 10
Apr 24 Meyer "K.O." Christner, Canton, Oh
LK 2
Jul 4 Jack Gross, Winston-Salem, NC
LK 4


Mar 28 Primo Carnera, Denver, Co
LK 1
Jul Primo Carnera, Indianapolis, In exhibition
Jul Primo Carnera, South Bend, In exhibition
Jul Primo Carnera, Evansville, Il exhibition
The previous 3 bouts were held during Jul-Aug 1930
Aug 19 Andy Shanks, Chicago, Il
LF 3
Source: Tracy Callis , Boxing Historian, IBRO