Claudette Boissoneault's LineageLineage of Aline Sabourin

born 1708, Ste. Jean, Ille de Orleans, Quebec

My great great great great great grandfather.

Born 1708 at St. Jean Ille de Orleans, Married Marie Joseph Demeulle on February 4, 1734 at St. Jean. He died in April 1753 in St. Jean.

One of Jean-Baptiste's and Marie's children was Joseph Marie Boissonneau dit Saint Onge born May 30, 1750. He was 3 years-old when his father died.

Jean-Baptiste and Marie Joseph Demeulle had eight children as follows:

Jean-Baptiste born February 8, 1736.
Marie Madeleine born October 7, 1737.
Marie Joseph born in 1738.
Marie Louise born on June 15, 1740.
Jean Francois born on February 12, 1742.

Pierre Noel born on June 30, 1743.
Joseph Marie born on May 30, 1750. (my ancestor)
Marie Geneieve born on November 5, 1752.


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