Claudette Boissoneault's LineageLineage of Aline Sabourin

born about 1579, St. Seurin, France

My great great great great great great great great grandfather. This is the family's last link to France. Vincent, his son came to Quebec in 1665 and never returned to his family in the homeland. (Perhaps because his home town burned to the ground in 1674 or perhaps because his voyage to the new world was so horrible.)

Jean was married to Jeanne Cochin.

Born in the parish of Saint-Seurin de Montagne France, Diochese of Saintes.

Jean was dead as of Vincent's wedding in 1669 according the notaries statement, another reason, perhaps, why Vincent did not make a return trip to the homeland.

A cousin from Quebec, visiting France in 1998, has reported on the current status of the original town where our family came from:

Dear John,
I went to St-Surin d'Uzet (France) last June 10th, (1998) and I found very beautiful village . It is a small sailor village and it's the "caviar" capital . But our ancestor (Vincent) left for Canada in 1665 and the village burned to the ground in 1674.

All the registers were lost in the fire.

The village has been reconstructed beside the original village. The church of the village is there since 1710. The ancient graveyard no longer exists and the only souvenir of the ancient village is a small castle.

I didn't find out the coat of arms of the Boissonneault's family. Around and in the village, I didn't see any Boissonneault's.

Denis St-Onge

Saintes was in the historic region known as Saint Onge. This is where Vincent took his "dit name" from. It was in the Bordeux Region of France, situated on a the river. Very close to the Atlantic ocean. Click here to see the historic regional map.

Aerial view of St. Seurin-d'uzet, France

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