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Baptism of Jean Boissonneau
June 24, 1669
Church of the Holy Family
Montmorency, Quebec

On June 24, 1669, at 8 AM, we, the undersigned priest, baptized Jean Boissoneau, son of Vincent Boissoneau and Anne Colin, born on June 22 at 9 AM. The godparents are Noel Chaillard, known as Francoeur, and Francoise de Fosse, wife of Querissot.

J. Bassard, priest

Please note that this birth and baptism took place in a different year from the one indicated in the microfilm record. Also, there is no mention of St. Onge in this baptismal record. The marriage record of 1707, which is unusual in several respects, indicates that Jean Boissoneau was is "about" 28 years old at the time! Either this information was erroneous, or the original Jean Boissoneau died when still a child, and a subsequent birth was given the same name.

Translated by Armas Suni for Delphine Goodwin, 7-6-96