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Joseph Marie Boissonneau

born 1750, St. Jean, Ille de Orleans, Quebec

My 4th great grandfather.

On October 3, 1785, he married Marie-Magdeleine Blouin in St. Jean of the Ile d’Orleans. Click here to see the marriage record.

We do not have much information on this period, but it is believed that Joseph Charles, son of Joseph and Magdeleine Blouin came to the Sault Ste. Marie region to fight in the War of 1812-14 between Canada and the United States. He would have been accompanied by his brother Amable who later returned to his home province of Quebec.

One daughter of Joseph Marie was Marie Margarite, she was baptized in 1787, click here to see a photocopy of the record.

There is also mention of a Louis Boissonneau in the same region at the same time, but then again, details are scarce…

If anyone has more information on this subject, I would greatly appreciate receiving an e-mail on this subject.

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