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On November 2, the year of our Lord 1826, after having made publication of notice of marriage between Joseph Boissonneau, adult son of Amery Boissonneau, and of Magdalene Blouin, both of the parish of St. Jean in Levis, Quebec, residing in this parish for the past six years, of the first part; and Marguerite Guilmond, adult daughter of Joseph Guilmond and Francoise Olayiowanique, native of Langlois River, residing in this parish for the past six years, of the second part, in which there has been found no impediment according to section B1 of Canon Law regarding marriage, including the requirement of spiritual union of baptism, that has not been granted a dispensation, we have in accordance with the custom of the Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church according them the nuptial benediction in the presence of Michael Boyer and Joseph Lefond, as well as other persons not named, and recognizing the following children: Joseph, born June 6, 1822, Narcese, born March 22, 1824, and Magloire, born January 26, 1826.

Signed "Fois Vent" Badin priest

From the Burton Historical Collection

Detroit Public Library

Call No. 74D4


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ST. ANNE CHURCH, Founded 1701, Detroit, Michigan

Registre des Paroisses Exterieures 1810-33. Includes the Catholic parishes out of the area but under its jurisdiction for the purpose of record keeping of baptisms, marriages, and burials. Parishes covered are L'Anse Croche, Foot of the Rapids, Green Bay, Mackinac, Prairie du Chien, St. Clair River, Salt River, and Sault Sainte Marie.