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[Archives of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto MacDonell document M AC 24.01]

September 24, 1834

To the Right Reverend Alexander McDonald. Roman Catholic Bishop of Upper Canada, etc. etc.

Reverend Father,

We the undersigned Catholics of this place take the liberty of addressing our Referend Father respecting the erection of a Roman Catholic Church in this place and finding that our means are very limited so much so as to find it very difficult to finish the same Edifice. unless our Reverend Father will take into consideration our pitieful situation. and make known, to our fellow Catholics of York and its vicinity our wants. from whom, (by our Reverend Father's solicitation) will, we feel assured; render us; a small share of their charity.

We have at present the benefits of a Priest who is stationed on the American Side, by the name of Reverend Mr. Hatcher. he is to remain on that side by the orders of his Bishop, And they are now preparing to erect a Church. He renders us every assistance and coms. to this side once every third Sunday to celebrate high Mass. For his goodness we feel very greatful and likewise feel assured our Reverend Father will coincide with the happyness we will enjoy in future by the presence of a Pastor of our own Denomination.

May we therefore beg our Reverend Father will use a little of his influence (in behalf of our long wished for Church) with our fellow Christians of York etc. and make it known to us, as soon as it may be convenient by addressing the reply to Doctor Tom Bell. And as in duty bound to our Reverend Father, we will ever remember him in our prayers to God, the giver of all good.

Sault-Ste Maries, September 24th, 1834

Joseph Lafon) Marguille
Etienne Jolineglix
Michelle Cadotte, Perr[?]
Louis Cadotte) MarguiIIe
X Biron
Charles Cadotte
Louis Muron [Miron?]
William Perault
X Perault
J Bte LeSage
J Bte Croshier
Ambroise Saurett
Joseph Boissoneaux
Raymon Mastot
Michelle Labatte
Antoine Lavache
Pierre BouIIe
Michelle Boulle
Louis Lacharite
Joseph Visinat
Samuelle Martin
Michelle Maulger
Louis Piquette
Francois Lafleure
Olivier Lafleure
Ambroise Labatte
Pierre Mastot
Alexis Biron
Etianne Jolineaux fils
Francois Larose
Joseph Larose
Jean Munger
F Visinat fils
Pierre Partuit
Joseph Napaningonin
J Bte LeSage fils
Moise LeSage
Antoine Melanqon
A Lagarde
Pierre Benoit
John Mcfarlin
J Bte Parault, prs
William Bell