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Photos from the reunion held on August 2nd at Hiawatha Park, Sault Ste. Marie

Vickie Boissineau-Berlinguette, Chris Buske, and Delphine Goodwin, a genealogist hard at work looking up records...

Left to right: Phillip (Radar) Bussineau, George Boisineau, David Bussineau and Joann Pinder (Bussineau) enjoying the outdoors and beautiful day we had. Roger's rig is parked across the street.

Left to right: Terry Bussineau (also a son of Bud Bussineau), Ronald Berlinguette, and Larry Boissineau

Left to right: Albert Belleau (back), Justin Boissineau front, Larry Boissineau (Justin's father), Vickie Boissineau-Berlinguette, Ronald Berlinguette, and Delphine Goodwin.


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