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Photos from the reunion held on August 2nd at Hiawatha Park, Sault Ste. Marie

Left: Dolores Gentile, right Gloria Kitts, both granddaughters of Sophie Bussineau
who married Neil Mccoy.

Norma Pinder-Buske (Bussineau) and Pearl Bussineau

The youngest and oldest Boissonneau's at the reunion: Pearl Bussineau 94 and Kaidence Bussineau 3-months. Kaidence is the daughter of David and Julie Bussineau (David is the son of Bud and grandson to Pearl). David and Julie also have a daughter Chloe who is 2 and 1/2.

Pearl Bussineau

A recent email note from Christina Bussineau, related to Pearl and Harry Bussineau:

"Here is some info that I got.

My great great grandparents were David and Mary Bussineau. My great grandfother is Harry Bussineau. Harry and my uncle Clement were both born on Surgar Island. Harry came to Canada when he was a young boy and worked for the department of highways at Agawa Bay, until he retired in the 60's., when he found out he was American and had to swear Alligience to the Queen at age 65 in order to receive his pension. My great grandmother, Pearl Bussineau maiden name was Renner. Her parients were John and Matilda (nee Homberg) Renner.

I hope this info helps you out alot just e mail me when you get this and tell me what you think. My mother is Kaone Sauve."

Thanks Christina for the email and the information.


Chris Buske

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