Claudette Boissoneault's LineageLineage of Aline Sabourin

List of settler names, on the North Bank of the St. Mary’s River - to accompany the plan thereof, drawn by Alex Vidal, May l0, 1846

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l. Dwelling house - J. A. SOULIERE

2. a roofless house belonging to - GUINDON, who has no land enclosed as does not reside in the place; is claim on the place is on purchase from J. M. SOULEIRE

3. a small enclosure of ½ acre - G. Augustus LAROCHE

4. house and enclosure of Pierre BELLEAU

5. house and enclosure of Michel BOUVILLE - 2.5 acres frontage about ½ acre enclosed but not cultivated.

6. house, barn and enclosure of Augustus LAROCHE - 25 years in possession, he has about 3 ½ acres fenced in and under cultivation

7. house and enclosure of J. B. CHARETTE- who claims 2.5 frontage, 2/3 acre enclosed; he has occupried the spot 25 years

8. house and enclosure of William PERRAULT: claims 2.5 frontage, has been in possession 2 years, 1 1/3 acres enclosed

9. houses and small, detached enclosures of Alexis BIRON containing together about 1/4 acres, frontage of 5.75 acres by purchase 2 yrs ago

l0. house, small barn, enclosure of about 4 acres -BRASSARD: purchased from the former occupant: MCKAY, 3 yrs ago

11. two enclosures containing together 2 ½ acres - Michel LABATTE - who has had possession 12 yrs, claims frontage of 5.5 chains

12. house and enclosure of Louis MIRON - claims frontage of 4.8 chains by purchase l0 years ago from one BLACK who had been some time in possession

*l3. houses, barn and enclosures of Joseph LEFOND - ha been in possession for 31 years and claims a frontage of 3 axens?? Under a written authority from Major Winniett when commanding at Drummond Island.

*14. house and enclosure of Francois LAROSE - claims frontage given to his wife by her father who had been 20 years in possession

*15. houses and enclosures of Xavier BIRON - who has been in possession for 31 years under a written authority from Major Winniett

*16. house belonging and occupied by Francois LAROSE - purchased from Xavier BIRON of #15

*17. house, barn and enclosures occupied by Etienne JOLINEAU - who has been in possession15 years

18. house and enclosure of Charles CADOTTE - he has been in possession 15 years

19. house and enclosure of Joshua Trott who purchased them from a person having a claim of possession, 6 years ago

*20. The BURIAL GROUND - claimed by the Roman Catholic Church, it has been in use for over 50 years

21. an enclosure containing 2/3 acre. fenced in and claimed by BRASSARED of #10

*22. enclosures and buildings occupied by Joseph WILSON Esquire - the dwelling house is of stone, two stories high and the other large building of wood - they were erected and the land fenced in and cultivated by Mr. ERMATINGER 30 years ago; Mr WILSON has been residing in it for 3 years; the buildings and fences are much out of repair - 25 acres were formerly enclosed, but only 14 remain

*23. enclosures and houses of J. P. CONTIEN who has been in possession 19? years, the last half of these lot?? is said to belong to Marquette LAFONTAINE, Madame CONTIENS, daughter by a former husband

24. house and enclosure of Madame PERRAULT in whose family it has been for 30 years

*25 house and enclosure of Raymond MASTAT, who purchased it from BELL whose family it had belonged for 30 years

*26. house and enclosure of Henry SAYER - who has been in possession of it for 28 years

*27. house and enclosure of Joseph SAYER, alias NE-BE-NAW-CE-JING, son of an Indian Chief, he bought the right of possession from the then occupant of 12 years

28. house, barn and enclosures of Ambrose SURETTE, who has been in possession 26 years

29. house, barn and enclosure of J. B. LESAGE - who bought it from the previous occupant 28 years ago

30. house, barn and enclosure of Xavier PERRAULT - who has occupied it for 26 years

31. house, barn and enclosure of J. B. CRACHEUR who has been in possession 11 years

*32. occupied by Joseph BOISSONEAU - who owns the buildings and the east part of the lot; he claims frontage under written authority from Major Weinniett when Commanding Drummond Island and has been in possession 20 years; the west part belongs to a MADEMOISELLE ST. GEORGE, now resident in Montreal who also holds under written authority from Major Wienniett

33. house and enclosure of Joseph BOISENNEAULT, Junior. - he claims a part in his father’s right mentioned in #32 and the rest by possession .

34. house and enclosure of - LISOK who purchased from the previous occupant 4 years ago

35. houses and enclosure of J. B. DENOMME - who has been in possession 12 years

*36. house and enclosure of St. Marc MARTIN - who took possession 5 years ago but has been absent for 2 years; he is expected to return this year

*37. house and buildings of a Rev W. CMMERON who purchased from the previous occupant a few years since, he left the place?? years months ago and now resides in the United States

38. an enclosure of UNCLEARED land of which Wm. CAMERON (#37) took possession

39. house, barn and enclosure of John DAVIES who purchased from BRISSETTE, the previous occupant

40. an enclosure fenced in with brush wood by Joshua TROTT (#19) on which he has cleared a little

*41. an enclosure of about 10 acres on which a church has been erected, and within which are a few graves; it is in possession of the CHURCH OF ENGLAND though never used now, no Minister having resided here for 3 or 4 years


43. a house occupied by a sister of Henry SAYERS (#26)


Submitted by Delphine Goodwin